Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Bubble, my crowntail male betta was a model :)
He's eaten everyone in the room, thats why he's fat and so proud of himself. That's how he actually look like when he manages to swallow piece of food meant for 6 fish >.>
Alternate idea, without fish tanks but with the use of lamps.

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  1. Hey Magda, these are lovely photoshop pieces. :) I do like the idea of the fish tank, I can see the florescents of the lighting in the tank really creating some atmosphere but maybe you could experiment with the setting the tank sits in. A tank in a living room is quite normal and even though you have added elements you think are uncanny the setting may just counter act them. I could be completely wrong and it could work brilliantly but what about placing the tank in a setting that is not common to find one. In the middle of a forest, a train platform, a stage...and so on.