Thursday, 8 March 2012

More story ideas

When the cactus was a baby it fell of it's mother. Now it is scared of being alone. With the help of it's spikes it made a cactus toy/ doll to keep him company. It was fine during the day, but at nighttime it was scared of every shadow, until it cuddled to the toy.

Cactus fell in love with an orchid, but he was afraid of hurting her as he did with many items which were near him. He decided to get rid of his spikes, pulling them out doesn't work and the scissors are too big for him to use them. In the end he finds a box of matches and burn the spikes out. A bit burned here and there he goes to meet her , but she already have a beautiful orchid boyfriend, so he gives up.

Why is the cactus terrified - ideas

He could be afraid of dark, water, sun, needles, room.
He can have a trauma of being: alone,  fat (he used to drink a lot of water), left in sun for too long.
Other cacti used to bully him.
He injured something with his needles in the past.
He is afraid of heights and he live on the windowsill.
He is claustrophobic and he get packed to a small see-through box for the time he is in shop.
He is afraid of getting any sand in his eyes.

Life drawing

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Story ideas

The Terrified Cactus

1. Girl have bought a cactus and put it on her desk. It is happy in it's new home and after taking look around it finds another cactus.  It want to play with it, but when he touches it the needles collapse. The cactus is now terrified of ending the same way as his "friend". He soaks up all of the water available nearby and tries to escape the room. In the end someone finds it outside and take a proper care of it.

2. The cactus is afraid of needles, and the place where he is is full of needles like hedgehog toy, toothpicks, pins and sewing needle. When he tries to move as far away as possible from those objects the sees himself in the mirror and faints. Then he tries to get rid of them. First he uses blue tag to cover the end of his spikes, but when the sun comes out they start to stretch and fall off, then he attach strings to them and tries to pull them out but they don't. Finally he cut them off using scissors.

3. There are couple of cacti, and one of them is afraid of sun. He avoid sunlight and only have enough light to survive but doesn't bloom. His friends grow well and even have pretty flowers on them. The little cactus determined to have the most beautiful flower tries to change himself and spend more time in the full sunlight. Because he was storing energy for a long time, when he finally bloomed his flower was the most beautiful one.

4. The cactus is one of the grafted cacti and one of the parts is terrified of the other.

5. The cactus is terrified of water.  It walks around the puddle of water, when it rains he hides under other plants or rocks. After he had enough of the life where he was in danger of getting wet he changes into mad scientist and research the way of stopping rain.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The art of...

the art of



A body is seen in a bland looking morgue. After the camera finish zooming in on the table, a man get up from the table and sits on it. The body however stays in the same position. After a brief moment of sitting still, the magician turn around and check who is lying under the cover. To his surprise he discovers that it is him, and he jump on the floor with a scared look on his face.

A tall man in a clothes resembling butler's appear in front of the magician and points a mysterious door which appeared together with the butler. The gate is made of shining cards, which are tangled with blue lights. The magician prefers to go through the door than to stay inside the morgue. The camera pan to reveal a stage, jury and a rival in a contest. The magician is sure of his victory, and start to walk confidently towards the stage.
The contest begins and both of the magicians perform the same tricks but with different outcome.

It is revealed that Mark's rival is better in magic and he wins the helium balloon statue. Mark is disappointed in himself.

Character design

Character design process: Mark.



Psycho Review

Psycho Review


Influence map

Tintin and Maja the bee - both my favourite cartoons from childhood. 

Character sheets