Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Fly 1958 review

The Fly 1958 Review

More sketches

This time I tried to take more influence from things I have watched.

Life drawing

This week I was more confident and I think the drawings are also better than last week's. I still have to practice drawing proportions, hands and feet.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Me x Luna Moth

The Fly movies I have recently watched got me thinking about human and animal hybrids and hybridization in general. Some might not know but in the world we are living there are many hybrids like mule/hinny, many orchid species, liger/tigon, iron age pig, zebroid, leopon, seedless grapes, seedless apples,...
How would I look like if my DNA would merge with Luna Moth's?

Actias luna - Luna Moth

Luna Moth is a beautiful large moth. Adults don't have mouths and live only about one week. After leaving cocoon luna moths have short wings which have to be filled with body fluids to become strong and big.
And thats the animal which got merged with me by accident in my teleporting machine.