Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Group work

In case my work get lost on the group blog I will post some of my work here :)

Research pages:

Early ideas for animation frames:

First storyboard draft:

Stage designs:

Props and character designs:
After deciding what style of theater we want I did more concept arts of it:

Concept art for characters with turn around:

Concept art of one of the scenes:


  Newton -

  Priest -

  Galileo -

  Chicken -

Monday, 15 October 2012


Making custom stamp, and sculpturing some hair details :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bubble the killer

After Effects title


Presentation Unit 8


I have chosen an audience of 10-16 years old because content I could use. To be sure I stayed in the age group boundaries I was looking at games, and their "pegi" labels.

PEGI 7 Any game that would normally be rated at 3 but contains some possibly frightening scenes or sounds may be considered suitable in this category.

PEGI 12 Videogames that show violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy character and/or non graphic violence towards human-looking characters or recognisable animals, as well as videogames that show nudity of a slightly more graphic nature would fall in this age category. Any bad language in this category must be mild and fall short of sexual expletives.

Pegi 7+ type of games:
Pegi 12+ type of games:
In the games for older teenagers there is more action, more shotting and fights. It looks like those type of games are more popular, but of course games like sims also have big fanbase (usually conflict/war/etc. games vs peaceful games).
I chosen to go with the conflict/war vision, because of the way cancer act towards body.

Influence map

I'm not sure if I uploaded those, so I will do it again just in case I didn't :)
Matte paintings, UV map paintings and textures.


CD design


Art of fantasyXscience: cancer cell

Art of fantasyXscience: cancer cell