Thursday, 12 January 2012

More thumbnails

 Dark room, the only bright light source is coming from the aquarium. There is no fish in the fish tank but there are shadows of them on the wall.
 Large painting of a fish on the wall and a dead one on the floor.
 Low angle, and shadows on the ceiling.
Fish tank on a train :) suggested by Emma. Somehow reminds me of this image


  1. There's something great getting started in these thumbnails, Magda - the two with the more extreme use of perspective are particularly striking...

  2. Yup I love the sepia one! And your idea of having no fish in the tank but shadows on the wall is so interesting! :D With lighting concerned were you thinking of having bright florescent lighting surrounded by darkness and bouncing off the edges and sharp points of things like the cabinet and pronouncing the shadows on the wall or were you thinking of something more yellow. Can't wait to see you take this further. Oh and by the way can't see the last image unfortunately :(