Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I'm back after the holiday :) I have played too much Mario games, but still somehow managed to do some work. So,... It's a go time! I think I will put up my sketches in parts because I don't want to create long post with mostly pictures.
In the sketches 1-4 I tried to work around toys, because if they are left alone in an empty room they can become quite creepy. As a child I had a dream that barbie dolls were alive and they were trying to find and kill me. Maybe thats why I never liked to play with them... Then while thinking what I should draw next I was looking at my fish tank and that's where it started :)


  1. Ohh yeah I like that one too! An empty chair by a child's art in work is just wrong and abnormal...what did you do with that child Magda! :P