Thursday, 1 March 2012



A body is seen in a bland looking morgue. After the camera finish zooming in on the table, a man get up from the table and sits on it. The body however stays in the same position. After a brief moment of sitting still, the magician turn around and check who is lying under the cover. To his surprise he discovers that it is him, and he jump on the floor with a scared look on his face.

A tall man in a clothes resembling butler's appear in front of the magician and points a mysterious door which appeared together with the butler. The gate is made of shining cards, which are tangled with blue lights. The magician prefers to go through the door than to stay inside the morgue. The camera pan to reveal a stage, jury and a rival in a contest. The magician is sure of his victory, and start to walk confidently towards the stage.
The contest begins and both of the magicians perform the same tricks but with different outcome.

It is revealed that Mark's rival is better in magic and he wins the helium balloon statue. Mark is disappointed in himself.

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