Tuesday, 20 March 2012


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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Hey Magda,

    I LOVE the idea of your cactus being scared of balloons because of the noise they make! (What a curse for a cactus). I love the ending too - the cactus ending up in its own 'cactus hell' - a roomful of balloons. I'd suggest you can probably set things up much more quickly however - for example, you start your story with the birthday card, the camera pans to the side, and we see the cactus - already terrified - and then we see the balloon - job done. In terms of making the very most of your animation, take a look at this link for some further inspiration in terms of the importance of exaggeration, squash and stretch and a 360 degree approach to your 'camera'...


    In terms of finessing your ending, I wonder if you could stage the 'roomful of balloons' in a more filmic, Hitchcockian way? For example - remember the scene in The Birds when the audience is shown all the crows on the climbing frame, and the character doesn't yet know she's in danger? Well how about setting up that final shot, so the cactus, recovering from the noise of the first balloon, stands itself back upright - facing the camera - he's panting, half-terrified, half-relieved - and then what the audience sees behind him is this roomful of balloons?

    In regard to your written assignment - you've got some 'tough love' coming your way in terms of your unit 4 feedback, in which I implore you to make an appointment with Tracey Ashmore (study skills advisor) to help you learn how to be more successful in terms of academic writing. Please Magda - use the support available to you - you really need it. Likewise, there are no animator profiles on your blog yet and I absolutely do not want to be discussing absent work with you come crit day - like I've said a million times before - the 'point' of these smaller writing tasks is to make the bigger writing tasks easier for you... don't disappoint, Magda - be amazing, remember?