Thursday, 8 March 2012

More story ideas

When the cactus was a baby it fell of it's mother. Now it is scared of being alone. With the help of it's spikes it made a cactus toy/ doll to keep him company. It was fine during the day, but at nighttime it was scared of every shadow, until it cuddled to the toy.

Cactus fell in love with an orchid, but he was afraid of hurting her as he did with many items which were near him. He decided to get rid of his spikes, pulling them out doesn't work and the scissors are too big for him to use them. In the end he finds a box of matches and burn the spikes out. A bit burned here and there he goes to meet her , but she already have a beautiful orchid boyfriend, so he gives up.

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  1. Hey Magda,

    Maybe the cactus is scared of itself? For example, you could set up your story so that we see the shadow of some enormous monster - all spines and spikes etc. - this cute little cactus is terrified of it, but we learn that it's the cactus's own shadow. That said, I very much like your earlier idea of a cactus that is terrified of needles, or of water - because you're using the logic of the object from which to derive your story. Some of your story ideas are very elaborate, however - and in story terms, less is more when you've got to draw all of it!