Monday, 6 February 2012

Story ideas

Magician has a wife, who is dying in the hospital. To save her he is collecting dead bodies from a morgue. After he's done with the extending her life he gives her a helium balloon.

An illusionist come home from work. Then we discover that he's a real magician. He sits on the sofa and he creates a helium balloons to make the glass fill with alcohol and float to him.

A dead magician is seen in a morgue. Then the action go backward / flashback to the beginning of the story. Magician was doing experiments, one of the failed and he got ice on the floor. When he was trying to get his balance he knocked the helium balloon from his earlier experiment free. The balloon burst on the nail on the ceiling and covered the face of the magician making him unable to breath. He fallen down knocking down some bottles with strange liquids and hits the floor loosing consciousness. Then everything explodes. Then we see a hand playing barrel organ, the camera zoom out and we see that everything was just a show on a barrel organ (modified one, which could show a cell drawn animation on top). The audience stays silent.


  1. Hey Magda,

    I've read your ideas and to be honest the first two feel a little flat.

    Idea 1: Why does the magician give his wife a helium balloon? How does the magician revive her? How does he get her to the morgue?

    Idea 2: Where Is your environment used? What bearing does this have on the story? Where are the obstacles that our protagonist has to fight through to get to the final scene?

    Those are just a few observations to get you started.

    Regarding idea 3: Phil was in on the nose with Reverse chronology here Do not confuse this with a flash back reverse chronology has the story play backwards which yours is perfect for...

    I find the balloon bursting and covering his face a little hard to swallow. I'd suggest that he's working on an experiment to revive his wife and a balloon that he has tied up floats away and wraps around the ceiling fan, it jams the fan which breaks the magician notices this and drops something flammable his lab sets alight, after trying to put out the fire he gives up and attempts to leave which is when the ceiling fan falls on his head causing him to slump on the morgue slab with his wife the flames engulf the building and that's that...

    Now imagine that running backwards... :) have fun

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