Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Storytelling Ogr

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  1. OGR 14/02/2012

    Hey Magda,

    I'm a bit worried about you. There's so little activity on your blog - no reviews, and really, very few ideas that actually feel as if you're giving them any love - and no written assignment into either. You are someone who needs to make more, write more, create more, think more, communicate more, share more and blog more - and this doesn't look like progress to me.

    Your idea doesn't have any pay-off or punchline or conflict or obstacle - which is why it reads like a series of events - not as a story, and I don't think you're thinking creatively enough about your components yet. However, the reverse structure is interesting; for example, you could very boldly start with the idea of the Magician waking up in a morgue as a ghost, and then we're shown how he got there - some elaborate stick that went wrong involving a helium balloon.

    It might help you to consider introducing a second magician, and so establishing a 'character vs character' structure - a rivalry; it could all be about how the two magicians absolutely hate each other, and during rival performances, in their attempt to out do each other, they both end up dead - and then they both end up in the morgue - STILL together - and together now for all eternity.

    What you need to establish, Magda, is some kind of conflict, or your story will fall flat and just be 'stuff that happens involving 3 random things'...