Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Idea development

By this point I have kind of decided what shape and posture I would like the rabbit to be in.

Possible game screen.

Doctor Fox ideas.

Mysteriour Rabiit in a hoodie :) He could obtain that item to hide his scars/ appearance during the story of the game.


  1. Most of the rabbit designs here look like real studies of rabbits. Or otherwise rabbits wearing coats or clothes...

    I think you can be more imaginative here, try adjusting the proportions of the rabbit. I really like the bandana study and the idea of him having weapons (if that fits).

    On the 6th image down you have a small rabbit with a large freaky eye... That's probably one of my favourites its quite stylised compared to most of the others... I think you should play with that design a little more...

    Some nice sketches... keep playing!

  2. Hey Magda,

    You weren't at Monday's briefing re. the Live Commission project in which the CGAA community is participating: see link!


    You need to send me an email so I can set up a Dropbox invite.

    Ps - I agree with Stitch!