Wednesday, 5 October 2011



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  1. Hey Magda,

    Sorry for the 'tough love' - but it's so important to develop a respect for briefs, detail, submission criteria and instructions - because one day your sensitivity for 'what people are asking' will be the difference between you getting a creative job and keeping one. I know it's boring, but good discipline is essential, so I'm pleased to see the OGR as requested - but next time, please see the OGR as a creative opportunity too, in terms of branding, graphic design and professionalism.

    Just a word of warning - right now, your essay intro - though more 'on message' is very, very generalised. I suggest you narrow your focus still further to examine specific kinds of recurrent metamorphosis, and if you look at the essay criteria on the brief itself, it actually guides you in terms of structure - so, you need the historical context, and you need a contemporary context - so, consider comparing/discussing a story from Ovid, with something very contemporary like 'Splice' or 'Black Swan'. What I'm interested in seeing from students is their ability to move between the past and the present with confidence and with ease.

    Anyway - I genuinely look forward to seeing more of your moth drawings arrive on here soon. Have fun - and accomplish something extraordinary! :)